Prof. Philipp Rostalski

Philipp Rostalski was born in Niebüll, Germany in 1978. He received his Diploma in Electrical Engineering (Dipl. Ing.) with focus on Measurement and Control from the Hamburg University of Technology, Germany, in 2004.

In 2005 he joined the Automatic Control Laboratory at ETH Zürich, Switzerland as, where he worked at the interface of algebraic geometry, optimization and control. After several international research exchanges, he completed his Ph.D. in 2009. His thesis was awarded with the ETH Medal for outstanding Ph.D. theses.

In 2009 he joined the Department of Mathematics at UC Berkeley and later in the year 2010 also the Department of Mechanical Engineering as a Feodor Lynen Fellow of the German Alexander von Humboldt Foundation working on problems in applied mathematics, most notably: convex algebraic geometry graphical.

Between 2011 and 2015 he was a research engineer and project manager for mechatronics applications at the Dräger Research Unit in Lübeck, Germany. He was responsable for projects in signal processing and control with focus on pneumatic systems and respiratory care. 

Since 2015 he is the director of the Institute for Electrical Engineering in Medicine, Universität zu Lübeck, Germany.